How therapy can help you

Maybe you’re tired of feeling anxious, low in mood or dissatisfied with life?
Having trouble with relationships and want to gain an understanding of yourself, your patterns of behaviour and how your past may be affecting your present?
Seeking skills to cope with every day difficulties and get back on track?

Therapy can help you to gain insight into what is going on for you in the present moment, granting you the skills and self awareness to navigate life’s difficulties when they come up.

Therapy is your space, a safe and confidential place for you to express, release and gain clarity.

I offer a 30 minute consultation, for half the price of a full session, where I will listen to your current difficulties, as well as your hopes and goals for therapy. This first session is an opportunity for you to get a feel for therapy with me and whether you’d like to commit to more sessions.

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Adult Therapy

I offer weekly, online therapy sessions lasting 50 minutes. The fee for each session is £50. I also offer a limited number of concessionary sessions between £30 – £45 for students and those on low incomes which can be discussed during the initial consultation.

Some of the issues I can help with:

Anxiety (including social anxiety)


Identity concerns

Self esteem

Managing the inner critical voice

Problems with anger

Low Mood

Managing stress

Relationship difficulties

Eating Disorders

Bereavement & Grief


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Teen Therapy

I work with teens and children to help them to cope with difficult feelings. With over eight years experience working with young people, as a therapist and teacher, I offer a safe and supportive space for young people to express themselves and facilitate wellbeing.

I offer weekly, online therapy sessions lasting 50 minutes. The fee for each session is £45.

Some of the issues I can help with:

Self esteem

Managing stress and worry

Exploring identity

Bereavement & Grief


Anxiety (including social anxiety)

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What therapy with me is like

 I am trained as a psychodynamic psychotherapist/counsellor. The Psychodynamic model is based on the idea that our past experiences, behaviours and relationships often affect who we are today. Sometimes these experiences can leave us feeling stuck and unable to break free from patterns of behaviour that feel unhelpful or even harmful to us. They can impact the way we relate to ourselves and to others. In addition, many of us are unaware of the influence our past experiences have on our current situation, feelings, thoughts and behaviours as much of the process can take place outside of our conscious awareness. This means that at times we may work together to explore and unravel the past and how it impacts your present. As we embark on a process of understanding ourselves and how we relate to others the insight gained can help to alleviate anxieties. As a result you can experience less confusion and self criticism, more self acceptance and inner calm. Although we may look into your past, we will also focus on the present and how you can take practical steps in the here and now to feel more empowered, fulfilled and hopeful.

 Although I draw mainly from psychodynamic theory I take an integrative approach, this means I draw on other therapeutic models such as (CBT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and internal family systems theory. I also draw on my knowledge of neuroscience and mind-body connections and the arts in therapy. I have additional training in ‘counselling skills using the arts’ and may suggest that you try expressing and exploring your feelings or thoughts in a creative way, such as writing or a piece of art if it feels safe and beneficial for you. Throughout the therapy process you will be welcomed with openness, compassion, empathy and acceptance for all of who you are.

What people I have worked with say…

“When I started attending counselling sessions, I felt trapped by my problems and could not see a way out. Yasmin is a kind hearted, highly knowledgeable, sweet and professional person who guided me through the perilous journey of looking at myself with the love I deserve. Counselling taught me not to think any less of myself because of what life put me through. These concepts are “easier said than done”, yes, but my counselling experience guided me through internalising all these concepts, one step at time, making them part of who I am. I would highly recommend her services to anyone; in fact, I wish I had started sooner.”
Female, aged 32Client Testimonial (Anonymous)
When I first started counselling with Yasmin, I was very anxious and fearful of the future, unable to find peace in elements of my life I used to enjoy. It was quite a frightening time for me and I struggled to make sense of a lot of the thoughts I was having.
Although in the beginning I found it very difficult to discuss myself and my needs, Yasmin’s patience with me and gentle approach that encouraged me to reflect upon my situation allowed me to open up and really begin to do the work needed to improve and move on with my life.
During counselling, I have been able to form better relationships with those closest to me that give me what I need and the ability to put myself first as a priority. I have been able to recognise the parts of myself and my past that no longer serve me and create boundaries. My anxiety has really improved, and I can live my life without that constant shadow on my shoulder making me doubt my actions and only imagine the possible negative consequences.
If I feel like I would like to explore therapy again in the future, I will be contacting Yasmin to help me get through and understand whatever I may be dealing with.
Anonymous Female Client Client Testimonial
After being recommended to me by a friend, I contacted Yasmin to help my teenage daughter when she was going through a difficult time.
Yasmin replied immediately and offered a specific plan in terms of support for my daughter. As it was lockdown, she offered support either online or over the phone. Weekly phone calls over a set period of time gave my daughter the chance to talk to someone who both listened and offered tools to help. There have been some very isolating times this year and I’m so grateful to have found Yasmin and the kind manner that she offered my daughter. I would definitely recommend her counselling services.
Kate, Parent of Female Teen ClientClient Testimonial

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